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Clinic of Hose

Discover our Clinic of Hose

Thanks to the Clinic of Hose, which is fully equipped and customisable, you will be able to make your hydraulic hoses directly on spot in complete autonomy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on all your sites and/or workshops.

The advantages of the Clinic of Hose

Mobile, equipped and customised workshop for the production of your hoses in autonomy.

Autonomous solution

Secure, light, transportable, unalterable and autonomous hose assembly unit, equipped with quality machines: cutting machine, stripper, crimping machine, manual crimping machine, hose cleaning, furnishing, etc.

Equipped with an electric unit, it is completely self-sufficient in energy and can be positioned on any type of site, even the most remote “in the middle of nowhere”.

2 in 1

Our Flex Clinic has 2 advantages to serve you:

Fixed: it is at your disposal 24 hours a day, placed on your site, ready to be used by your team members to guarantee the continuity of your major worksites and workshops.

Mobile: your site moves geographically? The Clinic of Hose is also mobile! Equipped with lifting rings at its 4 corners and a fork passage at its base, it can be transported with a crane, a forklift truck or other lifting and handling equipment to always be as close as possible to your needs and your teams in action.


To become 100% autonomous!

Because the Clinic of Hose must make you autonomous, our national training referent will provide a full day of theoretical and practical training.

At the end of the training, we will be able to validate the knowledge and the good mastery of the standards of the assembly of hydraulic hoses from A to Z by your team members in order to leave you 100% autonomous on this new solution.

If necessary, we will remain at your side to ensure that you get the best out of the course.

Pricing advantages

The Clinic of Hose allows you to gain in :
-> Autonomy: skills directly present in-house
-> Costs: no more unforeseen costs for urgent intervention requests
-> Time: no more waiting for travel

By becoming autonomous in the production of your hoses, you benefit from the best prices on parts, hoses and accessories thanks to the specific Chronoflex Parts pricing.

Reduced carbon footprint

In addition to optimising your costs, the Clinic of Hose also meets the challenges of CSR and sustainable development. Because it makes you autonomous, you limit your travels between your sites and your workshops to repair a hydraulic hose on an ad hoc basis.

In addition to the immediate reactivity for the repair of your hoses, you limit your carbon footprint on each of your sites and workshops equipped with the Clinic of Hose.

Stock management

On your construction sites or in your workshops, you often use the same machines and therefore it is often the same hoses that break? The Chronoflex team analyses with you, before the project, your potential consumption of hoses, sleeves, connectors, couplings and hydraulic accessories in order to plan the necessary stock to meet your needs.



Autonomous, optimised, profitable, the Clinic is also flexible!
Does your need concern only one site/workshop? Or several? Or does it require a long-term installation?

There is a solution for every need:
-> Renting your Clinic of Hose is the best solution for you!
-> We deliver your cell to the location you have chosen,
the stock as well as
-> Once your site is finished, or your workshop activity is over, the rental stops and we take care of the repatriation of the cell.

A cost-effective solution

With a very low initial investment, the profitability will quickly be felt in your wallet after the first hoses you have made in the cabin.

After sales service

An operational, commercial and technical follow-up will be ensured by a unique and privileged contact, in order to guide you and remain at your disposal.

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